• Sijison Certification Training
  • Sijison Certification Training
  • Sijison Certification Training

Resources and Skill Sets

  iPhone/iPad Developer
Emma is one of the rarest gifts to our company. She has joined us as a trainee but her versatility and skills has made her a leader in the team. Rapidly she has learnt the development process and has stunned our clients with some interesting business apps. When it comes to work, she is a very responsible person. She works dedicatedly to provide user-friendly, robust and reliable applications catering to the needs of the client. Having passion towards Apple devices, she develops application for both iPhone and iPad.

  Joomla/Drupal Developer
One of our potent clients has subcontracted Andrew for website development for their company. His eagerness in learning new technologies and applying them in the website has brought high productivity in client’s business. Andrew’s work output has provided the client with exact results which he was expecting to stay ahead in the competition. Andrew has an edge over Joomla development. His way of creating a simple and attractive website is commendable. His learning capabilities have made him an expert in Drupal development too.

  Android App Developer
Mike has joined us as an Android app developer. With his extensive background in development of interesting applications for Android, he has bridge the gaps of creative and technical imbalance to make our clients contented. He is able to customize an app according to the needs of the client. With time, he has delivered user-friendly apps with new concepts that are really appreciated by our clients. His knowledge and interest in creating visually attractive yet useful apps have made our whole team deliver better projects.

  PHP/MySQL Developer
Richard being an experienced PHP, MySQL developer specializes at development of websites. Besides his skills and knowledge in programming, he fascinates his clients with his talent to learn new things quickly and introduce new tools for the client’s project. He provides timely and efficient PHP programming services for new and existing dynamic websites running on the PHP and MySQL combination that has become a choice of masses for delivering dynamic web content. With a developer like Richard, the client business has reached a new level of momentum towards reaching its goals rapidly.

  Ajax Developer
Alex works as an Ajax developer since a long time. His ability to adjust quickly with the given situation helps put the client at ease allowing him to concentrate on business-critical matters. Alex’s efforts in regard of web application development based on Ajax technology enhance the experience of the user. His output and technical contribution to the team has been invaluable as his knowledge and understanding is commendable. He has created many web applications for clients and has got valuable appreciation too.

  QA/Testing Expert
David is our QA and testing expert offering range of software quality assurance for maximizing quality, performance and availability while managing the costs and risk of the client. His profile is quite a tough one but he is handling it well. His concentration and dedication towards his work has achieved him a lot of benefits. With his 5 years experience in this field, David can handle the work competently, ensuring eminent results. He specializes in functionality testing, usability testing and accessibility testing reducing risk in the project.

  MS.Net Developer
Ron is one of the best MS.net developers, we have in our team. He is recommended to anyone who is looking for programming work to be carried out. He is highly professional, patient, have best understanding of the technology and he is a pleasure to work with. With experience of years, he has developed a wide range of websites using MS .Net technology. He has worked on different kinds of projects that includes simple to intricate systems. The clients are very much impressed with his knowledge and efficiency in .Net technology.

  Data Entry/Admin Expert
Laura is one of our data entry/ admin experts. She has an amazing typing speed with 100 percent accuracy. She works with complete dedication and concentration that helps her completing project within time. Her customer centric approach helps her to maintain stringent standards in client’s project. Her motto is to maintain high standard of commitment in her work to content the clients completely. Laura is well versed with MS office which increases her speed and competence. Working with her is truly an interesting experience for us and client as well.

  Graphic/Image Designer
Ethan is working as a Graphic/ image designer with us since a long time. His creative, active personality clubbed with exclusive problem solving attitude have made him one of the gem of our company. His imagination power blended with his interest in designing help him attaining success in all his projects. He holds 6 years experience in graphic design industry which made him create and maintain highest quality products for customers who demands for the best. The clients who have worked with him have appreciated Sijison Inc. to have him as a team member.