About Us

Sijison Inc is an innovative Company providing IT Services, Software Application Development and Management Consulting Services to  Small-Medium Scale Industries and Government Organizations. Our primary focus is in Website Development Services, Application Integration, Production Marketing and Project Management using technologies like HTML, CSS, JAVA, J2EE,  Java Script, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, CGI, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, E-Commerce Application and Multimedia Flash programming tools.

At Sijison Inc, we have experienced professionals with extensive expertise in the daily operations of companies ranging from a small company to corporate level. We build a strategic plan that will match your strengths to maximize market opportunities, while minimizing any risks and capitalizing on your competitors weaknesses’ or voids.

Sijison Inc (www.sijison.com) is dedicated to providing affordable ICT solutions and helping our clients improve operational cost as much as possible..  Please visit our website for more information as well as our current portfolio list… www.sijison.com